GIVE Skill

The FAST skill from last week focused on helping you make sure you’re maintaining our self-respect and sticking to your values. This week, the last interpersonal effectiveness skill, the GIVE skill, prioritizes maintaining and valuing the relationship you have with the other person. This can be especially helpful during the holidays when you’re still managing the stress from school, but want to be there for your family and friends.

  • be GENTLE
  • use an EASY manner

Being gentle means being kind in your approach – don’t verbally attack, threaten, or judge the other person. This also encompasses tolerating “no” to a request or suggestion from the other person. Acting interested is listening and genuinely being attentive when you’re engaging with the other person. Validate the other person! Acknowledge their feelings, difficulties, and opinions on the situation. Lastly, use an easy manner. This can be as easy as smiling or using a little humor.

The GIVE skill is a great tool to use when you want to be there for others. The holidays can be hard for some and having this skill in your back pocket can help you better communicate with those you care about. Lastly, try to be thankful for the people you care about during the holidays. Remembering why you care about someone can help you foster and use the GIVE skill!

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