Seeing Double: Separating Substance Use Fact from Fiction


The Wellness Initiative is hosting Seeing Double: Separating Substance Use Fact from Fiction – a one-day program on January 24th, 2017 that will provide students with information about alcohol and marijuana use.  Join us all day long to “Test Your Vision” in interactive activities, get your questions about alcohol and drug use answered from an expert panel, and learn the latest science behind alcohol and marijuana use at our evening keynote address.

11am – 4pm: Weter Lounge – “Test your Vision” in interactive displays and activities

4:30 – 6pm: Demaray 150 – Panel Discussion and Q&A with an expert panel of faculty, staff, and professionals

7:30 – 9pm: Upper Gwinn – “Beer Goggles to Black Outs, the Munchies to Memory Problems: The Science of Alcohol and Marijuana” – a keynote address by Dr. Jason Kilmer, a leading researcher on alcohol and drug use in colleges.

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