Ucore 1000 and Writing 1000: These courses will focus on film and fiction of Israel and Palestine with two Jewish writers and two Palestinian writers, three Jewish directors and one Palestinian director and two historical documentaries.

The impossible class:

How to teach about Israel and Palestine, to hear different voices, and to dare to imagine an option outside the status quo of violence?

Getting Started:

  1. A bit of History  Watch Link to Conflict in Israel and Palestine: (Crash Course World History 223)

2. Click Link for and new graphic novel Baddawi by Leila Abdelrazaq

3.Click Link for literary interview (1 hr) with  David Grossman

9 minute interview with Author David Grossman – topic receiving German peace prize, discusses his pro-peace stance , literature and Israel.

5 minute interview with David Grossman

Someone to run with – 2006 film The film received nominations in 12 categories at the 2006 Israeli Film Academy Awards, including Best Picture.[6] Tzahi Grad won the Ophir Award in the Best Supporting Actor category.

4. Israeli general & author (his son was killed in war)