Watching 9 Parts of Desire

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My mother-in-law watched Heather Raffo perform this play in Jordan, when there were a million Iraqi refugees in the country. When I saw 9 Parts of Desire staged in Seattle, I realized that the actress was Edward Said's daughter. Edward Said, the most influential theorist on the Islamic world and the power of images, is best known for his theory of Orientalism. It is a stunning play! I love the heteroglossic effect of a single actress!

Read chapter 3, Performing Democracy in Iraq and South Africa
Listen to interviews to answer the questions




#1: The complexity of 9 Parts of Desire emerges in this interview, as Raffo rejects the simplistic politics of "for/against" War. The venue is called W2W "Women to Women Interview."

Raffo refuses a political simplicity in her interviews, what does she suggest instead? 


#2 Here is an excerpt from Raffo's Performance, followed by an interview by Riz Khan, called "Women in Iraq War."

How does she feel about her play being translated into other languages?


#3 The context of the play and Raffo's history comes through in this interesting interview at University of New Hampshire.

How does her background influence the play? What insight surprised you the most?