Know Your Rights

What are we doing about the new executive order about immigration? Recently, I have spoken with several students with concerns for themselves or their parents about the restrictions imposed by the recent order. Check out website: Know your rights! At SPU, contact Susan Lane for resources. Click Here: Know Your Rights if stopped by Police,, ... [Read more...]

Holocaust Mentality against Syrians

During World War II,  we didn't allow the Jews to enter the United States. Despite unthinkable suffering, during an ethnic cleansing of countries, our country closed the door. How could we do this?  Unbelievable. But it is happening again. See the recent article by Kristoff in NYT. Governors are threatening to  shut their borders.  What do ... [Read more...]

Dinner at Khawla's house

The feast was food that reminded me of my two years living in Iraq, in 2013, and twenty years earlier in 1993--from dolma to lamb kabob to briayanni to roasted chicken and nan. What a delight! Wonderful to have our reunion with Morocco students and conversation about "What next?" at this warm setting. The final thought of the evening, "How can ... [Read more...]