Black Protest

This Black Protest course will be taught  in the ENG 3000: Orientation course, and is being considered for a future course (contact Dr Segall)

Let's start with this video clip:

The Racket of Racism by Romany Malco

Nelson Mandela speaks with Ted Koppel at NY City College forum 1990 (after released from prison) about PLO & Arafat

Texts and Films will be from Black American, South African, and North African Authors. Comparative Histories of protest and creative analysis of texts will be the central focus.

New media links (ongoing)

Video Link On Racial Profiling

Racial Disparity in Incarceration (NAACP Link)

Michelle Alexander video, War on Drugs, New Jim Crow

10940609_10205125797617454_197814716707001396_n[1]It must not only be what you say, but also how you act. Here is my daughter, talking to Governor Inslee, at rally, and protesting no new children's jail in Seattle, 2015. I am teaching her to remember the names of blacks shot by the police, and her school essay is on mass incarceration. In 2016, the protest speakers at Garfield included gay and trans-gender blacks, asking for justice and equality, and a black female student speaking of identity issues and the need for self confidence as part of the liberation.