Leaving soon for Spain & Morocco

Leaving soon for Spain and Morocco! I love seeing students cross these two regions, where they learn of the entangled histories. While the camel ride is always a highlight, it is the interaction with the people that is most transformative. Last time, when we were eating tagine and couscous at a Moroccan family’s house, we heard the story of the mother’s reasons for wearing a veil, despite her father, not wanting her to wear the veil, because they were a secular and middle class family. The students were mesmerized by the narrative, so different from their own. At the same time, they loved the laughter, hospitality, and sweet smile of our hostess, which drew us all together. How to love one’s neighbor? It occurs in the simple space of shared food and shared stories. Perhaps, cultural transformation occurs when we dare to cross boundaries, and engage in a simple smile. What shared spaces and new experiences will unfold this time? Can’t wait for the journey together.

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