Current Projects

Along with providing seed funding and support for faculty- and staff-led innovations in teaching and learning, the Institute for Academic Innovation provides support, administration and leadership for cross-campus and cross-community projects and partnerships.  Some of our current efforts include

Faith & Business - Film Series & Open Online Course

When a donor approached the School of Business, Government & Economics about providing capital to develop an online course engaging the School of Theology and discussing the topic of faith and business, IAI was consulted about the process of developing a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).  Based on the unique characteristics and distinctives of Seattle Pacific University, leadership determined the best manner of moving forward was to use the funding to develop a documentary film series of case studies on the topics integral to a Faith & Business course:  the purpose of business, ethics & values, justice & inclusion, etc.  Working closely with Professor Kenman Wong and the filmmakers at Untamed.Be, we have developed 14 documentary films as a stand-alone project as well as to serve as the primary source material for an eight-week open online course.  The films are slated to premiere in January 2018, with the course open in February.

Student Feedback Surveys

Based on the work of Faculty Development Committee in rethinking 'student evaluations' into 'feedback surveys,' there was interest in using a tool with longitudinal and flexible options to gather feedback and assess information.  IAI joined FDC in 2016 to consider the landscape of software providers of evaluation surveys, led four product demonstrations, and when the committee came to consensus worked with CIS and Legal to develop and implement a contract.  IAI is now working closely with CSFD and CIS on implementation and product launch in November 2017!

Center for Talent

As part of the public-private partnership between SPU and the Center for Talent in the Arts, Dr. Brian Chin has worked closely with IAI to research and develop contents as well as policies and procedures for the nurturing of graduate-level arts engagement on 21st Century topics such as nonprofit management and arts entrepreneurship.  Using the energy behind Dr. Chin's compendium of free and open online resources on music theory instruction, IAI is engaging the potential to develop a series of high-quality resources for students and other community members to utilize in a variety of fashions - course content, instructional support, documentary film footage, etc.