Mission & Beliefs


The Institute of Academic Innovation is a space to consider, explore and step outside the traditional spaces of formal education in service to our mission as an institution.  Open to faculty, staff, administration and students, our efforts focus on exploring the emergent spaces of teaching and learning, from sharpening a single assignment all the way to reimagining the elements that make up the learning process.


At the Institute of Academic Innovation we believe:

  • Innovation requires context and application in order to be a useful description
  • Innovation can take many forms: ¬†introduction of an object, change in a process, recreation of an existing system, development of a new structure or method
  • A space of learning is best served when members of the community identify common goals and, through the creation of knowledge and artifacts, work together to achieve those goals
  • The novice-expert relationship of growth between teacher and student at Seattle Pacific University is paramount to the learning process
  • Efforts to be more innovative must always focus around engagement, interaction and presence