The Institute for Academic Innovation

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The Institute for Academic Innovation (IAI) provides expertise, support and leadership in the development, implementation, assessment and reiteration of policies and practices dedicated to furthering the academic mission of the University.  Through partnering with all members of the SPU community, IAI supports SPU’s strategic plan, dedicated to developing students of competence and character within a grace-filled community.  By design, IAI is a flexible entity, its purpose to cross institutional boundaries and create networks/partnerships not only on campus but into the community and beyond.

What Are We Doing For Innovation?

  • Providing seed funding for innovations in teaching & learning
  • Developing cross-campus and cross-community partnerships in the development of innovative acts
  • Shepherding projects without a direct home in day-to-day operations through development, implementation and assessment in efforts to put into existing structure
  • Assisting with research of emergent and future advances in teaching, learning & technology
  • Supporting a culture of creativity and nimble thinking across campus
  • Providing professional development opportunities in teaching & learning
  • Creating intra- and inter-organizational documentation and resources for the furthering and diffusion of knowledge on the topic of academic innovation

What is Academic Innovation?

One of the problems with a campus institute for innovation is that people largely assume there is a shared understanding of what innovation stands for, but in reality its usage and perception are wide apart.  At Seattle Pacific University, we see innovation as a methodology for sustaining excellence and building programs and projects into emergent spaces.  There are many definitions of innovation, and we use most if not all of them in our various projects; the important element is to situate the definition in the context of the project.

When people talk about innovation in society today, they largely refer to something with a positive value.  Our situated definitions of innovation wrestle with the dominance of the word but hold true to the user's ideal of a benefit coming from a project or process.

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