THE Studio

SPU's Teaching in Higher Education Studio (known as THE Studio) is a space for faculty to conceptualize, design, create and contemplate the role of media and multimedia in the teaching & learning process.  Our staff have over 40 years combined experience in creating, developing, implementing and assessing multimedia tools and artifacts for use in learning environments.

Our domains of expertise include:

  • Graphics & Illustrations
  • Audio materials (such as podcasts & interviews)
  • Video materials (including course contents, on-location shooting and multimedia design)
  • Web-based production

No matter where you are in the creation process, ETM is ready to help. To begin the conversation, fill out our intake form and we will contact you with further information.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm

New! ETM is developing a repository of media, under a Creative Commons license, for members of the SPU community and beyond to use in their productions (teaching materials, conference presentations, web sites, videos...).  As the site develops we will host it locally; for now engage the first of our materials at our Flickr site!

Recent Projects

Dr. Elena Brezynski on using whiteboards for teaching & learning


Graphic design of how to understand the relationships molding a liberal arts education

Dr. Brian Chin on how minor works in diatonic harmony