Dominic Williamson

profile-dom-2016Dominic Williamson is the Senior Instructional Designer in Graphics & Illustrations. A professional illustrator and graphic designer with a knack for explaining things, Dominic has been working with SPU faculty for over a decade, enhancing their classroom materials and helping them further ownership of their scholarship through broadening their professional portfolios. Dominic's interest in alternative methods of stems from a diagnosis of the learning disability dyslexia in high school, which helped him to realize the alternative ways to absorb information other than the written word. He takes great satisfaction in creating visual tools that enable students to understand intellectual concepts, or translating faculty members’ ideas into a visual form.

Dominic grew up in London and graduated from Norwich University of the Arts in 1995 with a degree in Graphic Design. He came to the United State s in 2000 and has been working at SPU for ETM since September of that year.  Dominic has also worked as an adjunct instructor at SPU, teaching illustration at the Art Center.

Example Portfolio

The-Wiki-Maze Faculty concept sketchFinished diagram  Animation sequence for Daniela Geleva iTunes U graphic  Photo Restoration - before Photo Restoration - after editingPresidential Inauguration iTunes U graphic The Perkins Center - Newsletter Laura Lasworth SquareSpace website Global Curriculum Studies iTunes U graphics Geoquiz - Ruth Ediger Choosing a Major - iTunes U graphic Capstone animated graphic Brain Rules for Baby - iTunes U graphicAnimation graphic - Ben McFarland12f12g