Metaphor of God as Father

Marji views God as a figure of her grandfather that has passed. Numerous times we see God appearing as a male in Persepolis but the metaphor of God as father is very limited. It surely helps us to understand our relationship with God because the idea of a father is caring and protective, but there ... [Read more...]

Horrific Tragedies that Stick

Masuji Ono experienced a war that stripped him of life, stole away his wife & son and diminished his desire to create graceful pieces of art.  Ono is working to piece back together his collapsing home that used to be filled with great Joy and happiness. Throughout the novel, we begin to understand that although ... [Read more...]

Nervous Conditions within the Family

Nhamo going off to school created an incredible amount of strain on his family relationships. The tension that arose between himself and his siblings grew to the point in which Tambu refused to communicate with Nhamo and expressed that she was not sorry about her brother’s death. How does such hatred and resentment towards a ... [Read more...]

Western Media & Post 9-11

Preface: What stories had been “largely forgotten” by the western press, in this example? How do the highlights of the western press influence a sense of global memory/forgetting? It is widely assumed that Western media is reporting on the most important issues that our world is facing. Without a doubt, believing that the media is ... [Read more...]

Confusion & Unrest

The article I chose brought attention to the resurfaced protests of concerned citizens in Hong Kong. One year ago, five publishers went missing that were associated with literature criticizing Beijing’s leadership. The only information supplied by investigators is that the situation is “complicated”. Due to widespread fear and confusion, many publishers have pulled books in ... [Read more...]

Song as the Most Powerful Healer

Music has the power to bring people together in ways unheard of. It is a way for communities to come together to share their stories through song that has no boundaries. Song is something relatable on all levels of humanity and for this reason, it has brought groups of people together from different walks of ... [Read more...]