Breaking the Single Story in Persepolis

In the conclusion, Segall goes in-depth on the story of Fadwa Laroui and explains how her act of protest is just as important as other stories told by men. As she experienced injustice when low-income housing was shut down, she decided to set herself on fire, “committing her self-immolation in front of a government building ... [Read more...]

God in Marji's Eyes

Caption: As Marji expresses what she wants to be when she grows up, God is listening carefully in a casual matter and also is barefoot, showing that Marji views him as personal and a friend. This book follows the upbringing of a Muslim girl and her struggle in her religious identity due to her family's modern lifestyle ... [Read more...]

How to Remember

Caption: Military Vietnam Memorial Wall Honoring Veterans People remember the good and bad experiences in life through many forms of medium. The usage of pictures, paintings, lyrics, films, literature, as well as street art are ways in showing important events in human lives. The use of many forms of mediums are outlets in which people not ... [Read more...]

Maiguru's Nervous Condition

  In the book called Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga, we explore about nervous conditions among characters that struggle balancing between two things. One of the many characters that had to deal with a nervous condition is Maiguru, Babamukuru’s wife. She struggles with finding a balance between practicing Shona beliefs of how to be an ... [Read more...]

Witches of the World

Caption: This is a comic on how once a woman is accused of being a witch or practicing witchcraft, they do not have a voice to defend themselves. Write about witchcraft: Western views and/or African views from chapter. Quote book. Write a paragraph/1/2 page When comparing western and African perceptions of witchcraft, there are many differences. ... [Read more...]

Song- Bringing People Together

  I chose this image as it  shows Africans singing and playing instruments joyfully with one another.I felt that this image reflects to the chapter on Guerrilla Fighters, Televised Testimonies as it explained how song was a way a survivor was able to start the process of healing. Song also is a way a group ... [Read more...]

Performing Democracy: Questions 3 & 4

3.What does it mean to protest through literature or with cultural forms? How are these forms of performing democracy? To protest through literature is the use of creative outlets such as blogs, plays, songs, and poetry to tell stories and share people’s experiences where violence is still very apparent as the country faces a shift ... [Read more...]