Presenting on Global Re-inscriptions of 9-11 in Yael Farber's Molora and Nadia David's At Her Feet

After a wonderful course of international/postcolonial literature, I am off to South Africa for a study abroad program. At the National Arts Festival, I will be presenting on global re-interpretations of 9-11 in the plays Molora and At Her Feet. This presentation will be based on my book chapter on these two playwrights in Performing ... [Read more...]

For Weds

Select an article from NYT on protest (or artistic resistance) Write a paragraph/1/2 page Write about witchcraft: Western views and/or African views from chapter. Quote book. Write a paragraph/1/2 page Include an image

Blog Instructions   Here is the link for the blog.    Go to site New post Add media Write two paragraphs on two questions. Publish   Hello!  My name is Kayla Webb and I’m your Academic Mentor for International Fiction!  I am here to help all of you with the writing for this course, specifically the ... [Read more...]