Never Forget

In the Art of the Floating World, Masuji Ono, the protagonist, experiences a loss of many things, but his memory always remains- he still almost lives through them.  After the war, Masuji had changed.  The memories he has may not have died, but the man he was in them had. On page 114, his daughter ... [Read more...]

Nyasha's Condition- Nervous Condition

In the novel Nervous Conditions, the female characters experience a revelation or change of view in their lifestyles that traumatically change the people they are in some shape or form by the time the pages run out.  I'd like to focus on the character Nyasha, Tambu's cousin, and her transformation. When Nyasha is first introduced, ... [Read more...]

'Witches' or 'Women!'?

In modern Western society, the word "witch" is paired with images of old hags with green skin, long noses and warts all over their face.  We imagine black cloaks, broomsticks and pointy hats.  Westerners associate the idea of a witch with evil-doers who kill people and manipulate lives and haunt to torment, using the help ... [Read more...]

How do songs lead to resistance?

I chose to use this picture in response to the prompt "How do songs lead to resistance?"  Immediately, I was reminded of American slavery in the Civil War era.  While at work in the plantations, African Americans would sing.  Many songs would be words of encouragement and hope for better days.  There were also songs ... [Read more...]

Questions 2 & 7

7) What are the images after 9-11? After the famous attack on the twin towers that instilled fear in all of America, many had a thirst for revenge.  The terror once obtained, became anger and hatred-- two emotions that easily obscure ones judgement of right and wrong.  What resulted was a classic case of stereotyping; ... [Read more...]