Grandfather of Faith

Marjane Satrapi is a small girl with a big faith. I think that part of why her faith is so big is because she connects and identifies it with something that she's able to grasp in a very personal way. Marjane identifies her faith and depicts it using a grandfatherly-type figure. Readers can see this ... [Read more...]

Chapter 6 Response and Question

I chose this image because it embodies a lot of what I feel that this chapter has to say about the suffering and healing of the people in South Africa. There are so many tears shed in this chapter. Tears fall from the eyes of those recounting their stories of terrible hardships, tears from the eyes ... [Read more...]

Questions 2 & 5

2. “The journey of a researcher” does not follow a simple path. Select a quote from the preface or introduction, which considers the author’s journey, starting questions, or identification. Explain why the quote is significant.             “Locating these stories in historical venues, I analyze how circulating forms, integrating creative media in blogs, plays, songs, and ... [Read more...]