Fadwa Laroui's story matters because her story was ignored, even though it represented an important part of the protests and revolutions that were happening in the Islamic world, particularly in North Africa. Because Fadwa's story was ignored by the western media, it goes to show that the western media does not fully include the entire story. In Tunisia, ... [Read more...]

Religious Crisis in the Midst of Conflict

In Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis, she tells her own story of growing up in Iran in the middle of the Islamic Revolution. As a child, Marjane was filled with potential ideas about what she would be able to do herself to be a part of the revolution. Marjane's religious identity as a young child was "unshakeable", as she ... [Read more...]

Post-Tragedy Memory: Why forgetting is so hard

In Kazuo Ishiguro's novel, An Artist of the Floating World, his main character, Masuji Ono, had lived through the tragedies suffered by the Japanese people during World War II. For Masuji, living in a post-tragedy world means being haunted by memories, both good and bad, almost constantly. One of the most common memories Masiju has is his time ... [Read more...]

Nervous Conditions- How a small difference can have a larger effect

In a community that is healing from colonization, there are many opportunities for nervous conditions, or tensions between two things, to occur. Because colonization took away so much from so many families, there was an opportunity for a wider gap to occur between those who were and were not western. Because of this gap, many people's perspectives were ... [Read more...]

Why the West Does Not Understand Witchcraft

What is unpacked about African beliefs of witchcraft? In the west, many of us have little to no fear of "witches", as our perception has been shaped largely by the media, through films like The Wizard of Oz, with a witch who melts when touched by water, or Harry Potter, with young people our age performing magic. Although ... [Read more...]

Using Songs to Heal

How do songs heal people? Music and songs are universal expressions of feelings or experiences. Because songs are universal, they provide a way for many people to come together and express shared experiences or emotions. In the post-colonial era in South Africa, there were many that were left damaged and struggling to find ways that they could ... [Read more...]

Questions 1 & 3

#1: Preface: What stories had been “largely forgotten” by the western press, in this example? How do the highlights of the western press influence a sense of global memory/forgetting? The stories that have been “largely forgotten” by the western press are the stories that many in the west deem “insignificant”. Daily occurrences in the Middle ... [Read more...]