Complicated Relationships

In Marjane Satrapi’s graphic memoir, Persepolis, her religious identity fluctuates quite a bit as she grows up. As a young child, she describes herself as being “born with religion” and also believes that she will be the last prophet (Pg. 6). When she starts getting older and sees more of the atrocities going on in ... [Read more...]

The Blurry Side of Memories

In Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Artist of the Floating World, Masuji Ono seems to have trouble remembering the past and does not seem to remember clearly if he does. He struggles mainly with memories of times with his students and others who do not hold him in high regards anymore and are quite offended by his ... [Read more...]

A Nervous Solitude

A nervous condition in a broad definition is a tension between two things. Everyone faces a nervous condition at some point during their life, if not multiple times. In Tsitsi Dangarembga’s novel Nervous Conditions, each and every character faces a nervous condition throughout the story. It is not surprising that a recurring motif throughout the ... [Read more...]

America, the Land of the "Free" and South Africa, the Home of the "Witches"

Protests are usually quite controversial, especially when the people directly affected by the situation do not agree with how protesters are handling the problem. In Jack Healy and Kirk Johnson's New York Times article published on Monday, “A Quieter Push to Get Control of U.S. Lands,” this is clearly demonstrated by land activists who have taken ... [Read more...]

Adaptation and Mediation

  2. “The journey of a researcher” does not follow a simple path. Select a quote from the preface or introduction, which considers the author’s journey, starting questions, or identification. Explain why the quote is significant. "Given the closed borders of war, my work has continued in cultural studies, in witnessing forums with refugees, in ... [Read more...]