Silencing the Outcast

Fadwa's story matters because there are many other people like her whose stories go untold simply because they do not contain the extremities needed to gain attention from the media. If you are in the middle east peacefully protesting a corrupt government, the media is not going to pay attention. They want something that can ... [Read more...]

Shattering of a Religious Identity

Throughout the novel, Marji battles with where she identifies on a religious spectrum. In the beginning of the novel, she believes that she is the last prophet and has discussions with God on a regular basis (6). She sees him almost as her best friend that is always there for her and that she can ... [Read more...]

Gaining Control

"'She must eat her food, all of it. She is always doing this, challenging me. I am her father. If she doesn't want to do what I say, I shall stop providing for her--fees, clothes, food everything.' 'Nyasha, eat your food,' her mother advised. 'Christ!' Nyasha breathed and with a shrug picked up her fork ... [Read more...]

Question 1 and 7

According to the preface, I believe that the stories that are largely forgotten by the western press refer to the events that took place in Kurdistan. Western media chose to depict the Kurds as terrorists or freedom fighters (depending on what they felt like calling them that day). In reality, this group of people had ... [Read more...]

Songs and Healing

I found this picture to be the most representative of what I gathered from the reading of Chapter 6. The first reason being that this man is covered in scarring from torture or abuse. These scars are a constant reminder of his past, what he has been forced to endure, but also proves that he ... [Read more...]