Gendered Media and Persepolis

Fadwa's story is important for a few reasons. It shows the despair the impoverished feel, and how helpless Fadwa, and others, must have felt and still feel. It also shows the, for lack of a better word, corruption and sexism in Western media. Fadwa's story blew up in Morocco and became a collective memory because ... [Read more...]

Tragedy and Community

Misuji Ono is an aging man, and as he tells this story and reflects back on before the war and his actions during the war, and some things he has forgotten, or tried to forget. Because of this, his memory is sometimes foggy. "Of course, this is all a matter of many years ago now ... [Read more...]

Jeremiah's Nervous Conditions

A nervous condition, a tension between two things, is a main idea in author Tsitsi Dangarembga's novel, titled Nervous Conditions. In it, we follow Tambu and her family in Zimbabwe, and her quest for education. In it, Tambu's father, Jeremiah, has a nervous condition of being the male patriarch, and also being second to his brother. Jeremiah ... [Read more...]

Good Witch Hunting

In Western culture, witches are seen as mythical fairy tales, with few claiming witchcraft as anything more than an interesting idea to read about. Harry Potter shows us witches like Cho Chang and Hermione, who are human and relatable, alongside their wizard counterparts. Historically, we look back on the Salem Witch Trials and think of how ... [Read more...]

Questions 4 and 3

Question 4: Page xv-xvi How do the women on this page “perform democratic desire with diverse claims?” These women protested against the oppression they or their community felt using the democratic ideal of freedom of speech. They each used different means of demonstrating their frustrations, such as posing for a photograph wrapped in a flag, or ... [Read more...]