The Single Story. Republished

Fadwa’s story is so important because it shows the single-story of Islamic protest in the media today. Instead of showing the actual story, the media showed other protesters. The weight of importance is off balance in the media. They dont want us to learn the truth. We dont know her story, and I probably wouldn't know her story if I did not take this class. Why? Because its not inspiring enough? Because its not important enough? It shows oppression through media. In Morocco was the only reported media coverage of her action. She inspired people around her to draw attention to her fight. She started the change in the media.

Inter generational mourning, in Performing Democracy, is a collective sense of loss that is experienced in similar ways but different ways, but still the same way across generations. Marjane show this ordeal in Persepolis. Her family history is full of protest and mourning, from the arrest of her grandfather, detaining of her father, and murder of her uncle. From childhood to adulthood this history repeated itself time and time again.

Persepolis matters to me because it is important to think outside the box and the single story. It is shown in the way Marjane shares these images and experiences through her story that the media would not show. Having real life experiences is so important in changing ones perspective


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