Music through the culture. Republished

Mother and her children celebrating Freedom day


"When we sing, it reminds us what we fought for” (147). The one thing behind reform is story. Story heals those who have nothing to fight for. Stories come in many forms, but in this case they come in song. Song is used to pass the story down through the generations of protest and pain. Through apartheid, the one thing that kept people going was song. Every time a song is sung a story is told, for people to learn and for people to remember

"She wailed as if she had lost her self, just as she had lost her child" (143). The story of the woman whom lost her child I believe fit the picture I choose above. I wanted to show that even though you may be at your bottom, you can always get up. There is always something to live for. This woman with her children remembering what happened reminded me of this passage. Having to go through the apartheid with children, like this woman did, is a beacon of hope for those who want to give up. If she can do it anyone can do it.

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