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Christians standing around Muslims while they pray


  1. Page xv-xvi How do women on this page “perform democratic desire and diverse claims?”

The three groups of women on this page — “one wrapped in a flag, one group televised, one enveloped in flames” (xvi) — each perform their democratic desire in a different way with a different goal. In its place of the image of the women being beaten by police during protests, these other women enhance the different narratives of resistance. Through Facebook, Marwa Mtowaq takes a flag and throws it around herself to show her passion for democracy.  The Xhosa women perform their protests of reparation and have it broadcasted. Fadwa Laroui chooses to light herself on fire to be the voice of the poor. With different means and different goals, each women perform their democratic desire in a way that demands attention


  1. Protest is not only political and economic, but also fits within a “paradigm of political bloom” (xvii). What are the three factors in this paradigm or model?

In the “political bloom,” the three factors in this model are social contestation, gender locations and artistic revision. Diverse cultural forms of protest reveal each factor in resistance, as they may not as obvious as other traits in the model of a changing society. Performing Democracy shows us these forms of public participation, as they evolve with the use of technology.

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