Post Tragedy

Mr. Ono, a former artist, remembers his feelings of "leading the country astray" and he realizes that people may have feelings of betrayal toward him as his daughter's marriage negotiations are broken off. He is faced with conversation like with Matsuda, who says, "...Never mind what people today are all saying. Before long, a few more ... [Read more...]

Post Disaster Memory

Many of Kazuo Ishiguro's memories revolve around his past role in society and the respect he received as an artist.  For example this memory: "Of course, this is all a matter of many years ago now and I cannot vouch that those were my exact words that morning. But I spoke in some such way ... [Read more...]

We Wont Ever Forget.

An artist who does not produce art? Surely there is a flaw in who Masuji Ono has become. Focused on justifying his past actions, trying to make the reader understand that he is nothing but an innocent man with good intentions who has lost everything, Ono delves into his memories in order to talk about ... [Read more...]

Horrific Tragedies that Stick

Masuji Ono experienced a war that stripped him of life, stole away his wife & son and diminished his desire to create graceful pieces of art.  Ono is working to piece back together his collapsing home that used to be filled with great Joy and happiness. Throughout the novel, we begin to understand that although ... [Read more...]

An artist who no longer paints...

Throughout the first 158 pages of An Artist of the Floating World, Mr. Ono remembers certain fragments of his life before the war when he was as artist under Master Takeda then Mr. Moriyama, the history of how he got his house and his youngest daughter Noriko’s first failed marriage negotiation. What matters to him ... [Read more...]

Cultural Clash: Old Generation vs New Generation; Cowboy or Samurai?

As our protagonist is remembering his passion for creating certain political paintings I notice that his interest in historic tradition remains obvious. As he describes a painting named 'Complacency' he says, "their clothes were the same rags the original boys wore, the scowls on their faces would not have been guilty, defensive scowls of little ... [Read more...]

Which Side Are You On?

Masugi Ono is a character torn by conflicting cultures. After WW2 the American occupation of Japan put the country in an uncomfortable position created by differing cultures, and generational perspectives about the situation. Many of the younger generations are ashamed of their country and their position during the war. They believe that Japan should assimilate ... [Read more...]

A Painted Ideal

I feel that Masugi Ono is a man who remembers what happened at the war, but chooses what to remember and what not to. it's not that he forgot or happened to repress these feelings, but it is the fact that he chooses to bring forth those that he feels benefit him or have purpose, rather ... [Read more...]