Kiah Jones: 6&7

6. Protest is not only political and economic, but also fits within a “paradigm of political bloom” (xvii). What are the three factors in this paradigm or model? Protests show aspects of political bloom that are not simply political or economic but also shed light on gender locations, social contestation, and artistic revision. This modern ... [Read more...]

Nia Costello

4.Page xv-xvi How do the women on this page “perform democratic desire with diverse claims?” In the beginning of the introduction, the women of this page “perform democratic desire with diverse claims” through combatively fighting, being tortured and protesting to extreme means. A group of Xhosa women banned together to fight as militants and were ... [Read more...]

Blog Instructions   Here is the link for the blog.    Go to site New post Add media Write two paragraphs on two questions. Publish   Hello!  My name is Kayla Webb and I’m your Academic Mentor for International Fiction!  I am here to help all of you with the writing for this course, specifically the ... [Read more...]