Never Forget

In the Art of the Floating World, Masuji Ono, the protagonist, experiences a loss of many things, but his memory always remains- he still almost lives through them.  After the war, Masuji had changed.  The memories he has may not have died, but the man he was in them had. On page 114, his daughter ... [Read more...]

Memorial Healing

  Masuji Ono has a lot of trouble reconciling himself with his memories of the war. While talking to Jiro Miyake during marriage negotiations, he is shocked by the severity of Miyake's attitudes toward those in charge. "The world seems to have gone mad. Every day there seems to be a report of someone else ... [Read more...]

The Way We Remember

Everyone experiences major events in such extreme differences, leading to major difference in the way people choose to remember those events. We can look at things like 9/11 or even something more recent such as the bombings in Paris, initial reactions are usually very similar across the board,overwhelming shock and disbelief. Then time progresses, and ... [Read more...]

Post-Tragedy Memory: Why forgetting is so hard

In Kazuo Ishiguro's novel, An Artist of the Floating World, his main character, Masuji Ono, had lived through the tragedies suffered by the Japanese people during World War II. For Masuji, living in a post-tragedy world means being haunted by memories, both good and bad, almost constantly. One of the most common memories Masiju has is his time ... [Read more...]

Masuji Ono's Post-Prime Age

Masuji Ono spends  a lot of time reminiscing about his days as an artist. I sense that he is feeling melancholy as he remembers the better days of his past when he was an artist under Master Takeda and with his colleagues. The following quote is of Masuji Ono remembering exploring with his colleagues to ... [Read more...]

Tragedy and Community

Misuji Ono is an aging man, and as he tells this story and reflects back on before the war and his actions during the war, and some things he has forgotten, or tried to forget. Because of this, his memory is sometimes foggy. "Of course, this is all a matter of many years ago now ... [Read more...]

How to Remember

Caption: Military Vietnam Memorial Wall Honoring Veterans People remember the good and bad experiences in life through many forms of medium. The usage of pictures, paintings, lyrics, films, literature, as well as street art are ways in showing important events in human lives. The use of many forms of mediums are outlets in which people not ... [Read more...]