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Below is a brief synopsis of the potential singular, augmented and supplemental learning endeavors within a MOOCseum

Week 2 - The Pomp of Pop

Gallery - The Weisman Museum's Wayne Thiebaud - Works on Paper continues its exhibition at the Weisman Museum.  This exhibition focuses specifically on Thiebaud's pencil work.  Docents will be happy to discuss your interactions in the MOOCseum and compare to the museum's published text on Thiebaud's role in the transformation of art in the 20th Century, or any other aspect of Wayne Thiebaud in the worlds of art, culture, or otherwise.  Hours are 10am to 5pm Tuesday-Sunday.

Presentation - Art Historian David O'Hannon will be speaking at Pepperdine University's West Los Angeles campus on Wednesday at 7pm.  The talk is entitled "The Reproduction - How Pop Art Forayed Mixed Media in 20th Century Art."  Talk will be streamed live on site, and O'Hannon will answer Q&A from the audience and the MOOC audience.

Texts - When Pop Turned the World Upside-Down - a narrative literature review of the artists and inspirations in the Pop Art movement, and the results of the phenomenon.

Wayne Thiebaud is Not a Pop Artist - A look at Wayne Thiebaud's career through an evolving lens and not via the traditional Pop Art narrative.

Delicious:  The Art & Life of Wayne Thiebaud - Biographic look at Thiebaud's life, career, inspirations and musings.

Videos - Thiebaud retrospective from CBS Sunday Morning (2008)

Wayne Thiebaud "Beyond the Cakes" supplement to Smithsonian article (2011)

Wayne Thiebaud Clip from "Antiques Roadshow" (2010)


Cakes (1963) by Wayne Thiebaud. Oil-on-canvas.
24th Street Intersection (1977) by Wayne Thiebaud. Oil-on-canvas.

Discussion Questions

1)  In discussing whether a mainstream audience would understand Thiebaud's work, a prominent art historian once said, "It's cakes.  And food.  What is there for most people to talk about?"  What is your feeling on his statement?  Explain.

2)  What art works does Thiebaud's work remind you of?  Explain why.

3)  What resources outside the Thiebaud MOOCseum have helped you grasp the Pop Art phenomenon?  How would you define the movement in a paragraph?

Artifact Opportunities

1)  Whether Wayne Thiebaud is a pop artist is a matter of debate, but Thiebaud's stake as a California artist is not.  Working with others via Google Docs, write a 2-3 page document (for potential use by art teachers or California history teachers, high school age) outlining the elements in Thiebaud's work that resonate with his California life.

2)  One of Thiebaud's lasting impressions on 20th Century art is his use of color; what seems simple at first glance becomes complex and intricate upon focus and contextualization.  Working with others via Google Docs, develop a project-based lesson plan for art production students (middle or high school age) that addresses Thiebaud's understanding of color and allows students to practice experimenting with color choice.  Provide scaffolding.

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