Writing a Successful Grant Proposal

i-3G8Grgg-LVisit the Grant Training Center blog for helpful information about grant writing.

Tips and Resources for Writing a Successful Grant Proposal

Sloan Foundation
The Sloan Foundation provides resources on writing a successful grant proposal.  Through their helpful tips, individuals are able to work within a framework to produce a strong proposal.

GuideStar Successful Grant Writing
GuideStar provides up-to-date information on thousands of non-profits.  You can find information about writing grant writing, why data matters, and other useful information during your grant writing process within their blog. Here you will find Ten tips for creating your grant proposal.

Grant Space
Grant Space provides easy-to-use, self-service tools and resources to help nonprofits worldwide become more viable grant applicants and build strong, sustainable organizations.  Visit their website for more information about creating a successful grant proposal.

The Foundation Center
The Foundation Center offers an easy to follow guide on creating your grant proposal. Visit their website for more information.


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