Weter Lecture

weterThe annual Winifred E. Weter Faculty Award Lecture for Meritorious Scholarship provides a public platform in which the claims of the liberal arts in the Christian university are espoused. Delivered each year by a SPU faculty member selected by the Faculty Status Committee, the Weter Lecture honors Winifred E. Weter, SPU professor emerita of classics. Her teaching career spanning 40 years (1935-75) exemplifies a life of Christian character and integrity. Her love for the study of classical languages and literature inspired a similar enthusiasm in thousands of her students, and this lecture continues that tradition of inspiration.


The 2018 Winifred E. Weter Lecture –

The Artists Will Be My Priests: A Theology of the Iconic Body
Dr. Brian Bantum

Tuesday, April 3, 2018, 7:00 p.m.
Upper Gwinn Commons, SPU Campus

Dr. Brian Bantum teaches courses in University Foundations and the theology major as well as Seattle Pacific Seminary. His teaching and research focuses on the intersection of theology and identity, exploring how the claims of Christian identity are illumined and challenged by the realities of race, ethnicity, and gender.

Dr. Bantum’s lecture examines the significance of the image in the nascent moments of the Protestant Reformation and how reformers such as Luther and Calvin cultivated an unintentional theology of the icon. Drawing from these moments, Dr. Bantum explores how the implicit theology of the icon shaped an understanding of what it means to be human and who could reflect God’s image. In a radically visual world, how we understand images and their relationship to the body remains a vital and pernicious problem that must acknowledge the power of images in our lives of disciples, and how artists might point us toward more redemptive models of discipleship and visual culture.




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