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Winter 2019 Professional Development Opportunities


"It's Alive!": Animating Academic Prose
January 15, 2019
3pm- 4:20pm
Cremona 101
Facilitator: April Middeljans

In this workshop we will share 1) the challenges of writing within the stylistic conventions of our disciplines, and 2) strategies for achieving greater clarity, grace, and liveliness in our academic prose. Bring examples of writing in your discipline that you admire or that you loathe, and together we will parse what makes them sing or sink. (You are also welcome to bring samples of your own prose to share.) Nerdy grammar jokes will be provided at no extra cost.

February 21, 2019
Library Seminar Room
Facilitator: Peter Moe

Studies show students plagiarize as a last resort.  How, then, might we better support our students?  Come to this workshop to learn best practices for helping students navigate their writing assignments so that plagiarism doesn't become an option.

Hump Day Roadshow! 

This quarter Hump Day will be traveling around campus. Make sure to mark your calendar for the days we are near your office! Hump Day is a weekly time of faculty fellowship on Wednesdays from 11 – 1:30, presented by CSFD. All faculty are welcome and lunch is provided.
January 9: SBGE- McKenna 2nd Floor Conference Room
January 16: SOT/CAS A&H- Alexander Hall 1st Floor Conference Room (note: begins at 11:30!)
January 23: SOE/FCS- Peterson 2nd Floor Conference Room
January 30: SPFC/CAS A&H- Marston 1st Floor Conference Room
February 6: CSFD- Demaray 349
February 13: TBD
February 20: CSFD- Demaray 349
February 27: SHS- Six Nickerson 2nd Floor Conference Room (bring your ID card for building access!)
March 6: TBD

April 3: CAS STEM- Otto Miller Hall Room 119

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