Student Frequently Asked Questions

Student Feedback Frequently Asked Questions


Student FAQ’s

How will I know when the feedback period has opened?

You will receive an email notification when the feedback period has opened, one reminder before finals week and a final reminder during finals week to submit your feedback.

How do I access the Student Feedback System?

When the evaluation period opens, you’ll receive a link to log into Canvas.  Alternatively, you can go to, log in with your SPU Credentials and open the Student Feedback menu in your Course Navigation menu or under Accounts -> Settings -> Student Feedback.

If I close my feedback before submitting, can I go back in and finish it?

The feedback you create will only be sent to the system when you press Submit.  If you close the survey before then, you will have to start over to submit your feedback.

I submitted the wrong feedback for the wrong course, what should I do?

Please email to have the existing feedback removed so you can submit the correct feedback.

I accidently clicked the “dropped the course” link, but I am enrolled in the course want to provide feedback.  What should I do?

Please email so you may submit feedback for the course you accidently dropped.