Past Recipients: Innovation Grant


Peg Achterman, Mike Hamilton, & Michael Paulus
Digital Literacy Modules

Vicki Eveland, Gary Karns, & Regina Schlee
Re-designing SBGE’s Marketing Concentration

John Lindberg & John Hossler
Gamification of STEM Classes

Lane Seeley, Abigail Daane, & Matt Lautenschlager
Maximizing In-Class Learning by Leveraging Out-of-Class Resources and Experiences

Brian Gill & Karisa Pierce
Statistical and Chemical Analysis: A Model for Team-Taught Interdisciplinary GE Courses

Wai Lau
Hybrid Online College Algebra

Elena Brezynski
BioCORE Scholars Program

Michael Paulus, Bruce Baker, and Michael Langford
Developing a Theological Framework for Digital Wisdom

Kara Gray
Implementing UFND LA’s as a Study of the Learning Assistant Model in Unique Learning Environments


Julie Antilla
So what, now what? The first days of school debrief

Brian Chin
Creating open source curricular tutorial videos in music theory

Sandra Hartje
Certifying the certifiable: Exploring certification as a means for documenting specialized knowledge/experience in FCS

Michael Paulus
Expanding online library instructional and research support

Elena Brezynski
LA program in biology 

Sandra Hartje
Exploration of a program related to affordable housing

Wai Lau
MAT1010 prep course