Institute for Academic Innovation

The Institute for Academic Innovation (IAI) supports creativity and innovation at Seattle Pacific University. The major goal of the Innovation Fund is to encourage faculty to pursue creative, integrative, and evidence-based strategies in order to achieve sustainable, innovative learning outcomes using collaboration as well as immersion in authentic academic practices – all in service of the ultimate SPU learning goal, to build people of competence, character, and wisdom, and to model grace-filled community.

How can our faculty use their gifts to find new ways forward while ensuring that academic programs are grounded on the time-honored essentials of an SPU education? How can faculty build on our long-held academic commitment to serve students to enhance a culture of effectiveness in the student learning experience? How can we ensure that precious faculty-students interactions are financially sustainable at times of budgetary pressures and calls for efficiency? In particular, how might we seek to serve more of the students we wish to serve or in better ways, creating access especially for diverse others? Strengthening the foundation of the learning experience with special thought to the networks and cultures which make up SPU will strengthen the learning experience of our entire community.

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