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SERVE Vocational Exploration

RRachel Weeks photoachel Weeks

I grew, as expected, quite a lot through my weeks of working at my internship with Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell. I learned and will continue to learn over the next month, invaluable professional habits. Some involve simple habits of cleaning up dirty dishes right away in the communal sink or the art of intentional small talk. It sounds funny, but learning to find the balance of asking how people are succinctly while showing genuine care and concern is a real skill.  I have enjoyed the camaraderie with my fellow interns and co-workers I have learned how to be a better communicator in general.  Read more>>>



11800137_846827692075461_6374857116057596252_nDamme Getachew

My time here at World Relief Seattle is coming to a close. I enter week ten with more gust and fervency than I had at the beginning. I attest this to the instruction and call to action that directs the internship program. I was challenged by the amount of trust and autonomy my supervisors gave me on a daily basis. From the start, the interns were thrown right in.  Read more >>>



994183_10152327152816194_5721897726713988166_nDanielle Valdes

My internship has been, in itself, not too challenging or difficult for me. In a way, this work comes naturally for me, and this internship was, essentially, an extension of my undergrad music therapy practicum experience. But, while I am only halfway done with my internship, I have already come across numerous life challenges that has made me step back, look at my work, and decide if the work is worth it. The decision I came to is that, regardless of life’s challenges, I know this is where I am meant to be – I am on this earth to help people and to heal people. Read more>>>


Lats.Tatyana PicTatyana Lats

Interning with Lutheran Community Services Northwest’s (LCSNW) International Counseling and Community Services (ICCS) program has given me invaluable insight into both the world of human services and into myself. I have had the opportunity to work in an office setting, witness the behind-the-scenes work of counselors and case managers, get to know the incredible stories of local refugees.



11053219_10204173250478892_7435495513423491630_nKate Morgan

As a graduating senior at SPU, it has been interesting approaching this year in a significantly different way. The question of “what do you want to be when you grow up” has more depth, more importance. As graduation rounds the corner, I find myself in a restful state of peace because I have learned that the question is not “what” do I want to be but rather “who” do I want to be. My experience at PATH has proven to be one of the most influential times I have had at SPU.




For the past three months, I have been volunteering as an intern at the Crisis Clinic. As a phone worker on the 24-­‐Hour Crisis Hotline, I help callers who are in an emotional crisis to identify coping strategies and find a solution to their crisis. Through this experience, I have learned so much about how to help people in crisis. One of the most important things I’ve learned is how to connect and empathize with callers

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1c36040Sarah Andrews 

As a refugee resettlement intern at World Relief, I am blessed with the opportunity to walk along-side refugee families in their first days and weeks in the United States. The majority of my internship involves direct contact with refugee families. Each day looks different.

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The organization I am working with, Operation Mobilization (OM), has a main focus on mobilizing people to build relationships for the Gospel. Days before arriving in El Salvador, one of the biggest preparation points given to me by my internship supervisor was this: be ready to be flexible. That being said, it has been typical for a lot of the things I have been doing and observing to feel spontaneous in nature.

During my first week here, I worked with doctors, nurses, and pharmacists from Germany, Canada, and the U.S. in medical clinics that we would set up at a different school each day in the El Salvadorian city of Citalá. Read More >>

Watch Daniel’s video about his experiences here


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetMelanie Loud

Josiah Venture is a ministry organization dedicated to the movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church. Josiah venture is currently located in twelve countries in Europe. I am serving this summer as a short-term missionary in Havirov, Czech Republic working with Josiah Venture’s performing arts focused ministry Fusion. My main responsibility is leading evangelistic music/performing arts camps for high school students. These camps are not only a vital tool to bringing the gospel to youth in a relevant and relaxed environment, but they also set the foundation for year-round music/performing arts based ministries run by local churches. Read More >>

Watch Melanie’s video about her experiences here 


Katie Jaimes.jpgKatie Jaimes 

This summer I have been interning for Bethany Christian Services. My title is Foster Care Adoption Intern. I work alongside the Foster Care Adoption social worker providing assistance with cases. During my time here I have been exposed to a variety of situations and cases. My main responsibilities include a few different things. I am in charge of hosting the info. nights for the public in both July and August. I have been preparing for that night as it approaches in the next the week. For the past few weeks I have been working on closing up the child and family files for cases that are no longer active.  Read More >>

Watch Katie’s video about her experiences here


Giselle Gonzales.jpgGiselle Gonzales

Zdravo (hello)! I’m writing this from a friend’s couch, in a tiny flat, in a sleepy Eastern European town, Celje, all the while being amazed at where God has brought me. This town is where I spent my entire summer last year, and where I have returned to work with a group of missionaries from the Christian non-profit, Josiah Venture. Celje is situated in the mid-eastern side of Slovenia, a nation few people have even heard of (and if they have, often confuse it with Slovakia). Until the 1990’s Slovenia was a part of the former Yugoslavia and under communist rule. So what would motivate a 19-year-old American girl from Seattle to spend two summers in a small, ex-communist country tucked away in the western corner of Eastern Europe? Read More >>


Fredrickson.JPGNathan Fredrickson

This experience, of starting and managing a robotics team at SPU, has really stretched me to the limit and helped me to find who I am. It was my responsibility to run the logistics of the team, as well as serve as the project manager. I discovered throughout this competition, both in the prep leading up to it and actually at the competition, that I really enjoy managing the team. This whole robotics competition has served to show that I have made the correct choice in choosing engineering as my field.  Read More >>


Carl-SalleeCarl Sallee

I am interning for Valley Cities Counseling, a non-profit mental health agency that serves the greater King County area. There are several sights in Auburn, Federal Way, Kent, Renton, and Midway, and I work at the Renton site. Basically, Valley Cities is like any mental health provider, except it only takes clients who would qualify for or already have Medicaid and a few other insurances under the Washington State Apple Care act. The clients that we serve at Valley Cities have every sort of mental disorder ranging from not as serious change of life issues, to extremely serious, like Schizophrenia. I believe in the importance of this work because the people being served here have no less need than anyone else with mental health disparities, yet their social status causes them to fall through the cracks.  Read More >>

Watch Carl’s video about his experience here


KatarinaKatarina Krueger

During my time of interning at Landesa, I learned the most through my various meetings with different staff members. These meeting were set up to discuss different projects Landesa is involved with, the work of the Center for Women’s Land Rights focuses on, and further advise about careers in development. I learned more about the limitations women face when it comes to land tenure and ownership. Read More>>




Meighan Howell

My time at Image has revealed many details about how I work best. It has offered me the opportunity to learn and grow professionally. It has expanded my skill set and knowledge of the nonprofit workplace. And it has allowed me to delve into my strengths and weaknesses in order that I might develop and even more importantly that I might better understand who I was created to be. The most important thing I have learned from Image has some to do with the workplace but everything to do with purpose. Read More>>


nathan-neslonNathan Nelson

I am the mission and outreach intern at Bethany Community Church.  Elli Oswald, the director of mission and outreach is my direct supervisor.  The mission and outreach department at Bethany contains both local and global outreach programs and organizational partnerships.   My internship responsibilities include a variety of tasks and projects with both global and local focus.  I began my internship in September 2013 and it will conclude in June 2014.  The following will be a reflection of my experience thus far as well as include a projected timeline for current and future tasks and responsibilities.  Read More >>


SERVENatalie Pimblett

As an intern at the EEOC Seattle Field Office my primary responsibility is to process incoming charges of discrimination and prepare them for the legal team. This involves entering the Charging Party’s (CPs) information into the government database, making the initial contact with CPs, scheduling interviews, assisting with interviews, serving charges of discrimination, and making assessments of cases. Since I am the first person a CP comes in contact with I have had to learn how to effectively interact with the public. Working with a wide range of people from different ethnic, linguistic and social backgrounds requires me to be a patient and effective communicator and has shown me that kind words and a polite demeanor go a long way.  Read More>>


Meg Guchee

This summer I have had the opportunity to join three other staff members at a Renton-based non-profit, CryOut!, in empowering nine diverse high school students. These students were selected to engage in the first year of an internship program funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that teaches professional skills and promotes leadership development. The summer culminates in a community concert, featuring young and established artists, as planned and implemented by these interns and staff.  My role at CryOut! emerged as I began delegating tasks and encouraging the youth to accomplish the necessary tasks to plan a community event. Read more >>


Mariel's photo

Mariel Rieland

Throughout my summer internship with Hope 2 One Life, I learned many technical skills, such as how to conceptualize and formulate a concrete program plan for a grant application, compile needs assessment data, form a program budget, etc.  However, I have also gained many insights into the non-profit world, including the importance of team dynamics, vision planning vs. strategic planning, and marketing.  I particularly enjoyed meeting one-on-one with my supervisor Nadine, and learning from her valuable personal experiences.  Read More >>


Hershberger.SusieSusie Hershberger

Making a distinction between the idea of “career” and “calling” has really made an impact on how I view not only my current internship and its responsibilities, but also my role as a follower of Christ.  In Sittser’s article, he makes the distinction between career as a secular word defined through the line of work an individual does to earn an income and keep society running. Calling is thought of as a purpose that is able to serve God in the world.  Though many individuals see these two words as synonymous, it is clear that a distinction must be made between them as a Christian. Read More >>