Group Student Stories

KCACTF Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Competition

Jason-3Jason Hill 

I found out from this experience that physical events produce ten times more interesting scenes than scenes that just possess talking. No matter how high the stakes are for an actor and how much they realize and play those stakes, it will never compare to a scene that possesses important physical events.




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My experience at the Irene Ryan Scholarship Competition was extremely positive and enlightening. I felt more motivated and had a renewed passion for acting after having gone.We were able to learn from and watch fellow actors our age perform, igniting a sense of kinship in our shared love of theatre.

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Trevor BurdenTrevor Burden

The moment we first entered into the room and got to see the hundreds of other actors who we’d be competing and doing workshops with, I was in awe.  I’ve been a part of theatre and drama since I was a freshman in high school, but never before had I been in a room with so many people who were all passionate about the same thing I was.

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Cole Zieser1412754_1701962420022181_4557168558110369342_o

On Monday, after a brief general meeting we students were able to attend various different workshops that focused on different aspects of theatre and performance, ranging from practical methods and techniques to lectures about the life of a professional actor.

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12194528_10207920689278534_5782828448366406720_oAlex Garramone

The Irene Ryan scholarship competition was truly a blessing to get to attend because it was not only an opportunity to try and earn some scholarship money, but also had many useful workshops with professionals.

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Jean Sleight 

There were many wonderfully educational workshops.  One of my favorite workshops was on Chekhov technique.  We practiced different ways of moving based on the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air.  The ways of moving are called molding, flowing or floating, radiating, and flying. We all walked around the room in the manner of whichever action we were doing (molding, flowing, etc.), then spoke a piece of text while moving, then spoke while standing still and keeping the same feeling of motion.  It was astounding to hear the immediate vocal change caused by this physical exercise.

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 Western Region American Music Therapy Association 2016 Regional Conference

MKaty Sironikaela Henderson

Then I attended a session for music therapy with adolescents with sever disabilities. In that session, I gained a huge repertoire of songs as well as took away some huge tips on being patient in waiting for your client to respond. I attended many other sessions that I could talk about forever but I found each one I went to to be very informative and helpful and gained many new skills and tools to use for my own clients.

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Colby Cumine

Nice and early at 8am the next day, we were all in concurrent sessions, the first one teaching us different music interventions to use with young children to support social development. This applied to both typically developing children and children with special needs, and as I work at a summer camp every year with typically developing children, this session was fantastic. I learned songs and even bought a CD filled with different little ditties to help stimulate social development.

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Leah Stout

I had the opportunity to attend the Western Region of the American Music Therapy Association (WRAMTA) Conference in Boise, Idaho through the SERVE scholarship. Over the course of the weekend I attended several workshops with valuable information that will help me along my journey of  pursuing a career in music therapy. I also had the chance to network with several other Music Therapy Students, Music Therapy Interns, and Board Certified Music Therapists, expanding on the friendships and professional connections I am creating along the way.

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Katy Siron

Attending the Western Regional American Music Therapy Association Conference was an excellent opportunity to hear current research in the field of music therapy, connect with other students and professionals, and gain new ideas to implement in my own music therapy practice. I am currently in my music therapy internship, which is the last step of the program. This conference came at just the right time to give me fresh energy and ideas for my internship, and also prepare me to enter the field as a professional.

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Samantha Brewer

The overarching theme of this weekend was the importance of advocacy and building up your colleagues. Music therapy is a profession that is growing and facing a lot of adversity in terms of misrepresentation of music therapy by people who claim to be music therapists. There is always a need to advocate in your community as well as encourage your colleagues. Being at conference around others was encouraging in itself.

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Carly Bouma

During this conference, I had the ability to network with current students looking for internships, share experience and gain knowledge with other interns, and also get the time and attentions of many professional music therapists. I connected with a Music Therapist living the Tri-Cities, WA. She, being the only MT-BC there, is looking to connect and serve the community. She became very excited upon hearing that I plan to head that way upon completing my certification and getting a year of work experience, and we talked about what it could look like within a partnership setting.

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Anna Marley

This was the first time I had attended a music therapy conference. It was a very interesting experience where I was exposed to aspects of the music therapy field I might not have otherwise been able to be a part of. I was introduced to a small part of the music therapy community. I was able to sit in on lectures about music therapy with several different populations as well a motivational talk about how to be a better person through dealing with changes in life.

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Dan Diaz

This was my 2nd regional conference, and I will be completing coursework in June and off to internship soon enough in the music therapy field. This conference was full of entertainment, networking, and most importantly – current, relevant, applicable, and resourceful knowledge. I attended sessions discussing music therapy for social development support in early childhood inclusionary settings, as well as for children and adolescents with severe disabilities. Both topics of interest that I hope to pursue in my career.

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Deven Inch

WRATMA Music Therapy conference was a wonderful opportunity which I was so happy I was able to attend. I began the conference by attending a session on music therapy and mental health. This was a fantastic session to attend, as this is my passion and what I want to pursue later on in life. Additionally it fit well within the current classes I am taking, as I am currently taking Abnormal Psychology.

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Emily Kent

I really enjoyed the experience I had at WRAMTA and I can’t wait to go back next year to learn more. Through this conference I was able to meet other students in the same major and also connect with professionals in the western region. It was my first time so it was exciting to get to meet so many people and feel like a part of a family I will continue to be in for the rest of my career. My two favorite parts of the conference were the internship panel and a specific session on adults with special needs I went to.

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Noelle Ciaciuch

Over the course of the conference, I went to many different seminars that will benefit me in so many amazing ways in my future career as a music therapist. Over the course of the weekend, both myself, fellow interns, students, and professionals attended, collaborated, and networked during informative presentations, luncheons, awards receptions, and networking events.

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