Faculty Learning and Growth Groups (FLAGGs)

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"Sex and the Soul" FLAGG: Discussing human sexuality in community at Seattle Pacific University
Led by Jeff Keuss

Human sexuality continues to be a challenging area of dialogue especially within the context of Christian higher education.  We will gather together as faculty to discuss a variety of views shared across Christian faith traditions on the topic of human sexuality.  The core text for our discussions will be Donna Freitas’ Sex & the Soul: Juggling Sexuality, Spirituality, Romance, and Religion on America’s College Campusesas well as some articles to supplement our discussion.  This will be a space open and hospitable to diverse views and positions that includes some time for prayerful reflection.

Winter Faculty Writing FLAGG
Led by Peter Moe

Join colleagues from across campus for a quarter-long writing group. We'll meet Fridays from 9:00-10:00 a.m. in Marston 255 and write together. We won't be sharing our work, or commenting on each other's work--just writing together. Questions? moep@spu.edu

White Faculty and Staff Accountability FLAGG
Led by Emily Huff

For white faculty and staff committed to undoing racism in all its forms, it is necessary to develop a critical consciousness that interrogates the spectrum of internal and external responses to anti-racist work. It is also critical for white faculty and staff to unpack their racialized identity without burdening faculty of color, which ultimately hinders efforts at solidarity in working for diversity, equity and inclusion.  We will also practice being accountable with other white faculty and staff, in non-judgmental relationships, as we grow in understanding our roles both in perpetuating systemic racism and in dismantling it.

In fall quarter, we read the first three chapters of Robin DiAngelo's new book White Fragility: Why It's So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism, and in winter quarter, we will continue to plow through the book.

Winter Quarter Meetings:
January 17th 10 am-11 am- Peterson Conference Room 2nd Floor
discussion on Chapter 4 of White Fragility
February 14th  10 am-11 am- Peterson Conference Room 2nd Floor
discussion on Chapter 5-6 of White Fragility
March 7th  10 am-11 am- Peterson 416 Conference Room (4th floor)
discussion on Chapter 7 of White Fragility

Educational Technology FLAGGs
Led by John Robertson

  • Online and Blended FLAGG (open) In support of the presidential initiative for graduate programs and in response to faculty interest more widely we’re offering this FLAGG each quarter this year to help faculty explore developing online and blended courses. This will be part workshop and part FLAGG with four meetings throughout the quarter. It will explore opportunities and challenges with different modes of teaching and learning and set out some practical steps to plan your course development. [Open Enrollment – we’ll accommodate schedules as best we can].
  • Active Learning at SPU (invitation only) Building on last quarter’s FLAGG with SHS, this quarter participants will put in to practice the plans they developed last quarter, observe each other’s explorations of active learning and help organize a one day event on an active learning for the School of Nursing. [Restricted – only for those who were in the FLAGG last quarter].

Neurodiversify SPU FLAGG (invitation only this quarter)
Led by Julie Antilla

Have you ever come across a quick, simple read that allowed you to shift perspective and make your work with students more effective? Have you ever wished you knew better strategies for interacting with students who have invisible disabilities? Join professor Julie Antilla for a series of three lunch-and-learn book talks during winter quarter to explore good ideas for supporting neurodiverse students coming to SPU. With your registration, you will receive a free copy of the book First Class Support for College Students on the Autism Spectrum by Dr. Michael W. Duggan. This short, easy read shares insights from one college counselor who speaks directly to practices in college admissions, advising, and res life offices and describes how all staff and faculty can contribute to the success of neurodiverse undergrads. The book club will meet for discussions at noon on Wednesday January 16th, February 6th, and March 6th. You will receive a reading guide along with your book so that all participants will know which chapters will be discussed at each meeting. This group is by invitation only.

Research Accountability FLAGG (invitation only)
Led by Joshua Tom

This group meets regularly to share research goals and keep each other accountable for scholarly productivity. In the spirit of overly-optimistic research aspirations, we are also planning to read through and discuss “The Intellectual Life” by Antonin Sertillanges. This group is by invitation only. Days and time will be decided by group leader and invited participants.

Women in Academia FLAGG (New!)
Led by Margaret Brown and Cindy Price

Our FLAGG will center around the reading and discussion of selections from an edited, interdisciplinary volume entitled Surviving Sexism in Academia: Strategies for Feminist Leadership. From the authors’ description: “The chapters document and analyze everyday sexism in the academy and offer up strategies for survival, ultimately ‘lifting the veil’ from the good old boys/business-as-usual culture that continues to pervade academia in both visible and less-visible forms.” Schedule is TBD but we’ll probably meet for an hour every 2-3 weeks at a set day/time, to be determined by participant availability.

Additional FLAGG Opportunities 
Groups in the interest areas of Teaching and Learning, Scholarship, Christian Faith, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and others are available. Feel free to sign up for these areas if you are interested and we will do our best to group people together around common interests.