Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty Frequently Asked Questions:

How will students know to submit their feedback?

Students will receive a series of email reminders about the opening of the feedback period and only those students who haven’t submitted will receive reminders to complete their feedback before the period closes.


How do I access my feedback in the new system?

Feedback will be accessible through Canvas by going to spu.edu/canvas.  After logging in, go to a Course -> select Student Feedback from the left-hand menu.  If you do not have courses, go to Accounts -> Settings -> Student Feedback to view your results.

Where is my old evaluation data?

Feedback data from Autumn 2017 and beyond will be in the new Student Feedback system.  Anything older is currently housed in the Banner Info System under the Faculty Control Menu.

What is the minimum number of response required in order to view my results?

All courses require a minimum of 5 responses in order to preserve student anonymity.  If you teach multiple sections of the same course, you’ll be able to aggregate feedback across the sections, provided there are more than 5 responses total. Regardless of the number of students enrolled in the course, all courses will receive student feedback. Once the same course section for an individual instructor has 5 responses, an aggregate of the feedback will be available.


Can multiple instructors receive feedback for a single course?

Yes, courses with multiple instructors will be able to receive student feedback.  Students will be given the ability to provide feedback for each individual faculty member and skip the faculty members that they did not work directly with.

What is this QR code menu?

This feature is currently disabled, but the menu item still persists.  It would allow users to generate printable QR codes that mobile devices could scan in order to access the Student Feedback system.

Can I submit a custom Thank You message?

This feature is currently disabled. Students will not receive any form of thank you from the system.  If you provide extra credit and require confirmation of completing the survey for extra credit, students can take a screen shot of their feedback survey tiles. When a survey is completed, it will state completed on the tile.

How do I submit custom questions?

Please see the Faculty FAQ document for step-by-step instructions on how to submit custom questions into the Student Feedback System.


Can I view the list of specific students who submitted feedback?

In the Student Feedback system, you can view the percentage of respondents before the results are released, but you cannot view the list of specific students who submitted feedback.

When can I submit custom questions?

Custom questions can be submitted up to 14 days before the feedback period opens for students and faculty will receive an email reminder. This typically happens three weeks prior to finals week.  Questions must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. the night before the feedback period opens for students, which is the Thursday prior to finals week.


When does the feedback period open?

The feedback period for students will open the Thursday before finals week. Students will have two weeks from this day to complete the evaluation. During Summer quarter, the feedback period will open two weeks before the scheduled end date of the course.


When are my results released?

Results during the academic year will be made available after grades are due.  This includes Summer quarter, where results are made available after grades are due at the end of the quarter.


How do I aggregate my results?

Please view the Student Feedback Reports documentation to see an overview of the reports available and step-by-step instructions for aggregating report data.


How can I increase my response rates?

The system allows instructors to login and check their own response rates. Response rates are shown prior to the release of feedback results as a pie chart at the top of your faculty feedback dashboard (located in canvas).


Response rates may increase by doing one or more of the following:

  1. Make an announcement at the beginning and/or end of every class meeting during the feedback period. Students receive an invitation via email so be sure to tell them to check their SPU email accounts.
  2. Consider giving students a concrete example of how you have used information from prior feedback to make adjustments to your courses.
  3. Encourage students to bring their laptop, or mobile device to class on a particular day during the feedback period and set aside part of that class time for students to complete their feedback.
  4. Schedule time in a computer lab during the feedback period to allow students to submit their feedback.
  5. Provide regular encouragement to students to submit their Student Feedback in Canvas during the feedback period.


Who else can view my feedback?

Feedback may be viewed by a department chair or dean for a department (Student Feedback refers to these as divisions), as long as the minimum 5 responses have been met.  Department Chairs and Deans will also be able to aggregate responses across multiple sections taught in a particular term.


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