WRI 1100 Mentor Training

WRI 1100 Mentor training sessions offer academic mentors information and resources for their work with students.  In addition, these sessions will give academic mentors opportunities to talk with each other about their experiences.  WRI 1100 mentors attend three training sessions led by program staff.

WRI 1100 Mentor Training Sessions

Mentors will meeting Fridays, weeks one, three, and five of the quarter, from 1:00-1:50 in Dr. Moe's office, Marston 228.

WRI 1100 Mentor Activity Tracking

WRI 1100 Mentors are asked to record the kinds of activities they carry out and the tasks they complete. This helps the program staff and participating faculty to evaluate the impact of the WRI 1100 Mentor program.

The WRI 100 Mentor Activities Inventory Sheet will be distributed to you in a training session in the quarter or is available here on-line. To complete the form:

  • Record the WRI 1100 mentor activities and/or tasks you are responsible for each week.
  • Record the number of students who participated or were impacted by what you did.

If you have any questions about how to complete this form, please contact Peter Wayne Moe, Director of Campus Writing. Your completed form will need to be turned in within one week of the end of the quarter.