1100 Syllabus Template and Sample Syllabi

For use in planning your course, here is a WRI 1100 Syllabus Template.

This template is bare bones.  It needs to be adapted to fit the needs of your course.  There are a number of areas in it highlighted in green.  Those are the places that need your personal touch: the course description, the outcomes, the calendar, the assignments.  These areas are where you can create excitement for research and excitement for the course.  These areas are where you can establish not only the problem your course will be addressing but also the urgency of that problem---what's at stake, why we should care about it.  Once WRI 1100 has been taught a few quarters, I will include complete syllabi on this page as models for what the course can look like.  Right now, this template can serve as a starting point.

You can see some sample calendars for a WRI 1100 course here, and below are some sample syllabi from the course:

WRI 1100 syllabus, as taught by Doug Koskela, a theology professor.  This section explores the significance of place within the Christian life.

WRI 1100 syllabus, as taught by Melani Plett, an engineering professor.  This section studies alternative energy.

WRI 1100 syllabus, as taught by Ben McFarland, a chemistry professor.  This section studies how scientists adapt their writing for different audiences and different disciplines.

WRI 1100 syllabus, as taught by Mischa Willett, an English professor.  This section studies how one writes criticism about the arts.