John Douglass

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
BS, Grove City College
PhD, Rutgers University
Office: Eaton Hall 334

John Douglass is a trained biochemist and full-time instructor at Seattle Pacific University. He has conducted basic biomedical research at a number of leading institutions, including the University of Utah, Rutgers University, and the University of Washington. Dr. Douglass’s published research can be found at The Journal of Lipid Research, Frontiers in Physiology, PLoS ONE, Molecular Metabolism, Nature Communications, and Cell Metabolism. He is also a reviewer for the journals Biochimica Biophysica Acta and Pharmacology & Therapeutics.

Dr. Douglass’s research investigates the mechanisms of metabolic disease. Complex organ and cell-specific changes underlie the pathologies of obesity and diabetes. Current clinical and lifestyle treatments have been unable to meet the expanding burden of these diseases on individuals and public health systems. Accordingly, Dr. Douglass’s research seeks to identify the molecular and physiological changes that allow for excessive fat mass accumulation and elevated blood sugars – with a particular focus on the brain as the key regulatory organ. These investigations require a broad toolset of molecular and biochemical techniques, combined with cutting edge neuroscience methods, to identify key disease checkpoints and pre-clinical targets for potentially life-saving therapies.

At SPU, John teaches the General Chemistry courses for science majors. This year will be his first WRI 1100 course. The class will focus on literacy and writing proficiency in the chemical and biological sciences.