WRI 1100 Faculty

Writing 1100 is taught by faculty across campus.  This is so that students can take the foundations of academic writing they learned in 1000 and put them within a disciplinary context.  All WRI 1100 faculty take the "Seminar on the Teaching of Writing" taught by Dr. Moe, and 1100 faculty meet quarterly to further discuss pedagogy, assessment, and the administration of the course.  Each section of 1100 teaches subject matter unique to its professor and discipline, but because the course is built around shared outcomes and standards, students can be confident the writing skills they learn will be consistent regardless who teaches the course.

The following faculty teach WRI 1100:

Vicki Aaberg (Health and Human Performance)

Scott Beers (Education)

Radene Copeland (Family Consumer Sciences)

Don Doty (Business)

Ruth Ediger (Political Science)

Owen Ewald (Classics)

Yolanda Grandjean (Nursing)

Kara Gray (Physics)

Traynor Hansen (English)

Laura Holmes (Theology)

Ramona Holmes (Music)

Rebecca Hughes (History)

Max Hunter (Biology)

Doug Koskela (Theology)

Katie Kresser (Art)

Richard Lorig (Theatre)

Ben McFarland (Chemistry)

Gaile Moe (Family Consumer Sciences)

Peter Wayne Moe (English)

Raphael Mondesir (Sociology)

Melani Plett (Engineering)

Charlotte Pratt (Biology)

Bill Purcell (Communications)

Michael Roe (Psychology)

Andrew Ryder (Theatre)

Cara Wall-Scheffler (Biology)

Marcia Webb (Psychology)

Elaine Weltz (Computer Science)