WRI 1100

Whereas WRI 1000 is housed in the English Department, WRI 1100, Disciplinary Writing and Research Seminar, is taught by faculty across campus.   To succeed in the course, students will need to apply the writing skills they learned in 1000 to various disciplinary contexts.  That is, they'll move beyond the "English paper" to writing lab reports, method analyses, proposals, resumes, spec sheets, research papers, poster projects, etc.  WRI 1100 teaches a wide variety of writing.  Yet, because all sections of the course are grounded in the same standards and outcomes, the course is consistent enough that a student taking a section from Economics will still be well served if she chooses to major in Biology.

For more on WRI 1100, see the catalogue course description, outcomes, standards, offerings, sample syllabi, and sample assignments.  See also the faculty teaching the course.