WRI 1000 Faculty

Writing 1000 is housed in the English department.  Our faculty meet quarterly to discuss pedagogy, assessment, and the administration of the course.  Each section of 1000 teaches subject matter unique to its professor, but because the course is built around shared outcomes and standards, students can be confident the writing skills they learn will be consistent regardless who teaches the course.

Prospective instructors can visit SPU's Human Resources page to see job postings.

The following teach WRI 1000 in the 2019-2020 Academic Year:

Tom Amorose

Paul Anderson

Brad Freeman

Joe Guppy

Traynor Hansen

Barbara Kline

Jennifer Maier

April Middeljans

Peter Wayne Moe

Jeffrey Overstreet

Valerie Sirenko

Ji-Young Um

Mark Walhout

Mischa Willett