1000 Outcomes

The outcomes for both WRI 1000 and 1100 draw upon the Council of Writing Program Administrator’s Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition, approved 17 July 2014.  See also WPA: Writing Program Administration, vol. 38, no. 1,  fall 2014, pp. 129-43.

At the end of WRI 1000, students will be able to do the following under these four areas of proficiency:

Rhetorical Knowledge
Demonstrate understanding of the relationship between writer, reader, text, culture, and medium in various genres of academic writing (summary, paraphrase, synthesis, argument, analysis, and narrative)

Critical Inquiry
Ask good questions of the texts they read and write, attending especially to relationships between assertion and evidence, to patterns of organization, and to the interplay of verbal and nonverbal elements

Practice flexible strategies for reading, drafting, revising, and editing texts.

Negotiate the conventions of academic writing, including grammar, spelling, and citation, exploring the concerns that motivate each

To see a chart linking the WRI 1000 outcomes to the WRI 1100 outcomes, click here.