1000 Offerings

Each year there are a variety of WRI 1000 sections offered, though all adhere to the same outcomes and standards.  Some of the topics offered fall 2017 are:

representations of race and gender in popular culture (Bailey)

"Money Changes Everything" (Chaney)

contemporary issues and concerns (Hansen)

the idea of community in familial, cultural, economic, artistic, and spiritual contexts (Maier)

representations of gender, ethnicity, and “belief” in Disney/Pixar films. (Middeljans)

contemporary issues and concerns (Moe)

writing about the arts (Overstreet)

film and fiction from Israel and Palestine (Segall)

crossing borders, literal and imaginative (Thorpe)

claims, popular beliefs, strange truths, and the necessity of fact checking (Walhout)

the theme of discovery (Willett)