Create Your Site

1. Log into the SPU Academic Commons at, using your SPU username and password.

2. From the *sites* tab, click the Create New Site button. You may have to right-click it or, if you are on a Mac, hold *control* and click in order to open the link.

3. Think about what you want your page to accomplish.

4. You do not need to choose a theme at this point, but it's worth looking at our options. Some are easier to incorporate (Omega, Church, Virtue) than others (Responsive, Sparkling). All can be worked with, though!

5. Acquaint yourself with maneuvering around the spaces for building in the Dashboard and the top bar.

6. If you wish to begin building, feel free to jump in, either on your own, through our Week 2 and 3 schedule, or through the available external resources.