Objectives & Outcomes

By the end of the Working Group, participants will:

  1. Understand the relationship between learning, transformation and identity management…noting how a digital space provides unique affordances for such endeavors
  2. Have constructed the architecture for a web space of their designation on the SPU server, including
    • Engaging and working within a chosen theme
    • Developing pages to support materials and conversations
    • Creating a dynamic space for multimedia (blogs, podcasts, video resources, etc)
    • The ability to ‘ask the right questions’ about finding answers to design and implementation struggles
  3. Be able to engage with members of the SPU community as well as subject-specific outside communities through the architecture of the WordPress site
  4. Feel comfortable sharing their experiences, struggles and successes with the working group during the Fall 2015 term…and beyond.

The specific outcomes of this course, as related to the SPU mission statement, are:


  • a web sphere built by members, with edits, content creation and other technical elements handled by members
  • ability to engage various media forms online (audio, video, image, .pdf)
  • an understanding of the importance of Universal Design and accessibility when designing for the Web
  • greater engagement with the affordances of WordPress (.css, .php, other) based on the needs and desires of the faculty member
  • the understanding of when, where and who to seek with questions for furthering learning


  • A recognition of digital identity as a supplement of the individual 
  • An engagement of web tools from the lens of contemporary learning theory (learning equals identity management)
  • Modeling positive interactions with members of the SPU and outside communities through blogs, social media, etc.)


  • Background knowledge of what makes effective web space in terms of community and collaboration, as well as personal connection
  • Engagement with experts and expertise on discipline-specific leaders in the design, upkeep and utility of web spaces
  • Exploration of how online engagements can create transformative spaces for scholarship, teaching and learning

Grace-Filled Community

  • Engage the working group through sharing successes, trials and tribulations
  • Embody a positive and genteel attitude toward learners