Screen Time Before Bed

Many of us use our smartphones, laptops, or other electronic devices all day long. Technology can help us get our homework done, connect with friends, or entertain ourselves. This can result in spending a great deal of time using screens all the way up until bedtime. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll that ... [Read more...]

A Mindful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time when we spend time with family and friends and can give thanks for everything we are grateful for. For some of us, spending time with family on Thanksgiving can mean navigating complicated family tensions or differing political opinions. Thanksgiving also comes at a time that is close to the end of ... [Read more...]

Fact or Myth: Is Exercise Before Bedtime Bad for You?

Sleep researchers agree that exercise helps you sleep. However, popular knowledge has suggested that exercising too close to bedtime is bad for sleep, keeping you awake longer. Here’s the argument for why exercising too close to bedtime can disturb your sleep: At night, your body temperature lowers slightly signaling to your body that it is ... [Read more...]

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of life. As humans, we typically spend up to one-third of our lives asleep. On average, the National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours per night for adults.   Although researchers are still learning about why we need sleep, we already know a lot about how and why we sleep. Watch the ... [Read more...]

Faculty Spotlight: Impact of Sleep on Wellness

Sleep is important for faculty, staff, and students. Getting an adequate amount of sleep helps faculty and staff perform their job duties to the best of their abilities and helps students participate fully in their education. According to research conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, the following amounts of sleep are recommended for each age ... [Read more...]

Reducing Stress – Improving Wellness

Stress can have many negative effects of your overall wellness. Luckily, there are many effective ways to reduce stress: Deep Breathing  How it works: stress is a physical reaction in your body. Taking a few deep breaths can calm your body and deal with the stressful situation more effectively. Exercise How it works: exercise can ... [Read more...]

Stress and Wellness

As students, we experience stress from many different sources: New independence Classes and exams Social obligations Roommate negotiations Financial commitments Family turmoil Not all stress is bad; in fact, some stress can keep you out of the way of danger or even help you express your talents and perform well. Chronic stress, or stress that ... [Read more...]

Be Well: Mindful Yoga

The Wellness Initiative is offering a free series of yoga and mindfulness classes to undergraduate students this quarter! Wednesdays | 6:30am - 8:00am | Hill Hall Lounge Thursdays | 7:30pm - 9:00pm | FFMC Gym Be Well is an 8-week series of yoga classes that integrate mindfulness meditation. Each week, students will learn about mindfulness, ... [Read more...]