One of the biggest ways we increase our own stress, anxiety, and guilt is through procrastination – and college students are especially great at procrastination. 🙂 When you procrastinate, you have a weight on your shoulders, and you may repeatedly think about the assignment or work that you are procrastinating. In fact, you may spend ... [Read more...]

Alcohol and Marijuana

There is a lot of hype around substance use on college campuses. Alcohol and marijuana are the top two substances of choice among college students, with almost 50% of college students (18-22 years old) reporting drinking alcohol in the past month and 39% reporting marijuana use. While yes, you are doing your brain a favor ... [Read more...]

ACT in Summary

Over the past eight weeks we’ve covered all the core components of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). These six core processes (contacting the present moment, defusion, acceptance, values, committed action, and the self-as-context) all work to help create and build psychological flexibility. Psychological flexibility is the ability to be fully open to our experiences while ... [Read more...]

Senses of Self

In Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), there are “senses of self” – There is the thinking self, or the conceptualized self. This is the part of you that makes judgments, plans, and has beliefs and memories. This is also that part of you that generates thoughts about yourself. For example, “I am… young, kind, compassionate, ... [Read more...]

Committed Action

Last week we explored values and how these can guide your life. Values can give you direction and help you to live a more meaningful life. This is easier said than done! Just identifying your values won’t help you to walk down a valued path – you have to commit to action. Committing to action ... [Read more...]

Know Your Values

Values are talked about a lot in regards to mental health and wellness, however, values are not always defined the same way. As one of the core components of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, values are how we want to act on an ongoing basis, and this lets us walk down a valued path. This might ... [Read more...]


We’re halfway through the core processes of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)! We’ve talked about contacting the present moment and defusion, next up: acceptance. Acceptance is sometimes confused for tolerance. Acceptance is opening up and making room for painful feelings, sensations, urges, and emotions. While tolerance means enduring these things, acceptance means not struggling with ... [Read more...]


Last week we identified that defusion is a key concept in contacting the present moment, another core process of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). But what is defusion? How can we simply let go of our thoughts? Defusion is the act of watching your thinking. It means learning to step back and separate or detach ... [Read more...]